Monday, April 27, 2009

The day looms closer

The day of departure looms. Will I get it all done in time? I'm still working on the itinerary details and identifying the local attractions and little stops. There's the important identification of suitable campgrounds at right spots. The prevailing wisdom says to travel about 250 miles a day in an RV  so I'm piecing together the stops and mileage. As we go, of course, we can always cancel reservations and make new ones as needed I guess. Also, apparently RV parks are more available for drop-in the further West you travel. On the East coast, reservations are needed at the less available and fewer campgrounds and RV parks.

Besides the itinerary, there's the clothing and food to identify and pack. All clothes have to be laundered and clean for packing. The kitchen will need appliances [small crock pot, coffeemaker, and such] and pans, as well as the food to create meals. This entails some menu-planning and cooking food ahead of time like quiche, meatloaf and other easily heated-up  foods. Obviously, grocery stops will replenish perishables like milk and fresh produce. This has to be balanced against the very small freezer and limited cupboard space, and the overall concern of total weight. 

Little details like buying enough cat food and stopping the paper delivery for the house are peppering my consciousness.

Many of the details are the same as for any vacation but there are added tasks particular to RV travel.

Right now, its all about fast thinking, making lists, hard work, and maybe a bit of panic. When this part is over and the RV is all packed, then we can enjoy the happy feeling of the trip.


  1. Have fun! Consider bringing exorcised salt. You never know when you'll need it. Can you get kosher salt exorcised?

  2. Gee, I happen to have exorcised salt AND oil. Good idea.
    I can't remember if it is sea salt or just regular processed stuff that I have.

    and thanks.