Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thinking about the trip

My husband and I are preparing gradually. Last week we took the RV out for the first camping trip of the season. The weather was rainy and cold creating the best situation for staying in and organizing the RV.

Considerations for optimizing storage, what to bring, and how to manage food are being thought through. Right now my husband, Dennis, is making a wooden platform with his tools out in the garage to put over the stove burners. We need to make every inch of the tiny counter space available! I spent time thinking through the placement of hooks. Hooks. Everywhere. Inside cabinets, on the bathroom wall, inside the wardrobe, at the doorway for a jacket, the dog leash, or my rosary.

I have been working through the itinerary of a trip to Phoenix, AZ, identifying towns, destinations, campgrounds, attractions. Details such as mileage between stops really matters for instance. We have learned that 250 miles a day is the optimal distance to drive in an RV. There are stops to make! Things to see! And ultimately, each day ends with a campground where we will hook up water and electricity each night, and fix food, walk the dog, look around. Getting to the campground before the rush allows a pick of the lots rather than just getting the last available!

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