Sunday, April 26, 2009

Intolerant Marine watching the house

While we are gone, a large ex-Marine who did his stint in Iraq will be house-sitting our place and feeding the cat. 

The cat will miss us terribly. She is very sweet but pretends not to notice us too much. You know how cats are. But when we return from a jaunt, she runs to greet us and is hungry-looking. Her plate of food is barely touched and neighbors tell me they can't really get her to eat. Her best friend is the dog. She takes orders from him [as well as a cat can]. Being on this long trip, she will need somebody here full-time to keep her company.

Many RVers take cats along. I just can't face a litter box in a small RV nor the tons of cat hair that she sheds. This kitty is the sheddingest cat I have ever had, having had cats all my life. Fuhgeddabowdit.

I hope this tough Marine does okay with the cat.

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