Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why RV?

If you love to camp, you will love RVing. I tent-camped years ago and loved the experience of fresh air, stars at night, cooking outside, campfire tending, sleeping in stillness. Now the mere thought of sleeping on the ground makes me...ache.

I used to view RVers with contempt as I camped. Sheesh! I mean, you come all this way out here to stay in your RV and watch TV? I saw RVers missing out on 80 percent of the camping experience. Today, older and stiffer, I enjoy the convenience and comfort.

Are you a germophobe? Okay, do you look forward to filthy gas station bathrooms? How about that sticky toilet paper that has followed you out to the parking lot on the sole of your shoe? In an RV, you get your own germs and control the cleanliness of your own bathroom. And you can always have soap and a towel!

Picky about food? Okay, do you enjoy chancey food that may have been microwaved, over-processed plasticated mystery of non-life origin? Do you crave food with actual nutrients, freshness, or even, *gasp* fiber? In an RV, you can control the food. Organic nut? Alcoholic? or you just want to know what's in it and from whence it comes? In an RV, you don't have to hunt for a restaurant or wonder what the menu options are going to be. And you can clean your own silverware to your satisfaction. Add real butter to the potatoes.

Have a pet? Have you looked at the kennel bill lately? Noticed how the kennel cost more than your entire vacation? Ever felt guilty about leaving the dog in a cage while you are selfishly enjoying yourself for days? Many RVers take their pets along. Our dog LOVES the RV. Its a car but it also has a bed and FOOD! Heaven! You meet the friendly fellow travelers when walking the dog. And a bark or two inside an RV can deter any possible snoopers too.

We have found RVers to be friendly and honest, easy talkers, adventurous and interesting. Nice campgrounds attract nice people.

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