Thursday, April 9, 2009

Post-RV trip clean up and planning the next

Today was spent mostly washing all the loose rugs, reviewing Dennis' work of newly built shelves, folding and storing newly washed sheets and towels, gathering and putting everything in its RV place. We will get the RV out of the driveway and back to its storage lot to await the next trip.

I'm rushing around to get everything in order as I must join my choir tonight to sing Holy Thursday Mass. Dinner might be rather odd tonight too...will I get done in time? This weekend is the Triduum - the three holiest and most grace-filled days of the entire liturgical year. I'll be busy singing every day through Easter Sunday.

I made contact with an internet buddy today for information on the TLM in Knoxville TN. To think we will be on our second day of our trip and enjoy the graces of the old Mass! And meet this internet buddy who is the pres of the Latin Mass Society there.

The anticipation of the trip grows.

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