Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grand Canyon AZ

Internet connection is almost non-existent at this less-than-adequate campground. We skipped the rotten Wi-Fi supplied here and are using Sprint's broadband air-card, which is usually lightening fast, dead-on reliable. Cell phone coverage at the Canyon is sketchy too. Check later for updates, could be a few days after Bryce and Zion, when we get to Las Vegas. We'll see.

We made it to the Grand Canyon, where again I am wordless at describing this. You must see this place with your own eyeballs as flat photographs or prose is inadequate. Like a tremendous gash in the crust of the earth, it reveals a landscape alien beyond description. There are myriad colors, rocks and texture, striations, wideness, depth, a hugeness in every way that is not captured by anything but being there in person. Although the crowds are casual, shorts and sweatshirts, there is an overall subdued awe demonstrated by everyone as we stand on windy overlooks. I could stay here for a long time just gazing at the details of the Canyon in silence. There is just not enough time.

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  1. Beginning to worry, Tina. Are you still at the bottom of the Canyon?