Monday, May 11, 2009

We are in Oklahoma somewhere. In a KOA campsite [this franchise is usually a safe bet when you don't know the area]. The campsite is clean and flat [yah, we ARE in Oklahoma] with Wi-Fi and everything we need. HEY. Is that a Budweiser sign I see in the window?? This IS a good KOA. No wait, this is right off the Interstate. Well, okay. We can't hear the road noise inside the RV.

Last night we experienced a violent Oklahoma thunderstorm. The temperature is very cool. Rain and wind beat our RV most of the night, with sharp cracks of thunder and brilliant light. Nothing much here to stop the roll of a storm across the plains. This morning all is calm though pretty mushy. 

We spent too much precious time trying to unjam our Capresso coffee machine this morning. The grinder isn't spitting out the grounds. Instant coffee YUCK.

Today I plan to plop some laundry in a bin with soap as the motorhome bumps down the road, and place it on the floor of the shower. The soaking and agitation should suffice for a cleaner load, you think?

We are packing up for the next destination. Santa Fe or BUST!!

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