Friday, May 22, 2009

Knoxville TN

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052409 update

From Mass we drove to my niece's house. Lisa and her husband Chris recently had triplets and I was itching to see the three little girls, and see how the whole family was doing. 

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Lisa had warned me that one of the triplets had gone back into the hospital. Fortunately, before we left, this one came home with her sleep-deprived dad. Chris told me he hadn't slept but one hour for each of the two previous nights. I couldn't tell, frankly - except that his hair wasn't combed. I think Chris is going to do just fine with these triplets in the endurance and perseverance department.

While we waited for Chris, Lisa and I chatted. Lisa always seems so calm. She held and fed one child, while I held and fed the other child. All the girls are beautiful. Carly, the first-born seems to think her new sisters are pretty cool. Their dogs like the babies too!

We didn't stay long because Dennis and I didn't want to interfere with any sleep for which Chris and Lisa might find time. On our way out, Chris gave us passes to get free dinner at one of his McAlister's restaurants. Thanks Chris!!

We stopped by a McAlister's and had some yummy southern-style food, and then drove back to the RV. Dennis and I watched a little bit of TV and fell asleep to the sound of wind and rain. 

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