Friday, May 1, 2009

Will it fit in the fridge?

Making everything from scratch including all the sauces, yesterday I pre-cooked some meals: creamed chicken, baked ziti, scalloped corn casserole, blanched pork ribs, 2 quiches [roasted artichokes & Asiago, and spinach], mashed potatoes, creamed onions / peas, pre-cooked bacon and sausage, plus assembled coleslaw. I had made my yummy meatloaf previously which is raw and frozen.

This will allow getting to eat a lot more quickly, without taking time after a tiring day to put something together. 

As the trip wears on, we will make grocery stops or eat locally. Food will likely be less expensive than here on the East Coast.

I'm picky about food - Dennis is diabetic and I hate processed food which usually contains MSG [keeps me awake all night], hydrogenated fats, too much sugars, inadequate fiber, or just simply unpronounceable mystery ingredients that make my joints hurt.

Eating out has its obvious advantages but it gets expensive and you are at the mercy of meat- and starch-heavy meals. Sometimes you just don't know what you are eating! [La cucaracha?!]

This is a big advantage to the RV, being able to manage the food if you have diet restrictions or allergies.

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