Friday, May 8, 2009

Memphis campground

Walking the dog this morning, a woman and I greeted each other. This is the  South, where you acknowledge everyone and chat politely, whether in the grocery store, at a dumpster, or in church. In a southern drawl, she mentioned how much seeing my dog made her miss her own dog that died last year. With nicely coiffed hair, her clothes were tidy and crisp. Make-up was applied neatly. Blue eyeshadow went from eyelash to eyebrow.

We are enjoying the morning coffee in a balmy morning. A warm breeze makes the leaves above us flutter, and lifts the RV awning. Rain is expected this afternoon.

Last night we walked around the campground after eating delivered Memphis barbecued ribs and brisket. We checked out all the other campers' vehicles and trailers. Some are real antiques, faded and old, but still serviceable, some shiny and new.  Others are the huge 40 foot monster A class motorhomes. We wonder how they even park in most places, lumbering everywhere they go.

The folks next to us left this morning for Branson Missouri - its the country music capital of the world for has-beens from what I can tell. Lots of stars have their own theatres or stages. You go there to hear the greats  of country music. We've chatted with fellow campers and traded stories. Campgrounds are probably the friendliest and most laid-back places in America. "Where'd you get that hitch for your car?" "What kinda dog is that?" "Where y'all headed to next?" And so on...

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