Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stalker ducks

Sipping instant coffee to wake up. I'll fool with the coffeemaker after we return from Mass. Yesterday the burr grinder on the Capresso made an awful noise and the coffee was weak. Yesterday we also discovered that the camera wouldn't charge, forcing us to stop and purchase an inexpensive camera. Being on the road makes it too hard to troubleshoot or replace parts for an old Kodak.

I'm tentative about going to Mass this morning as the closest parish's 8 AM Mass is Spanish. The later Mass is too late for us as we must pack up and check out of here by 11. The parishes here appear sparse with few Masses. Last night, searching for the parish, we passed by a retirement home for the Sisters of Mercy and a Mercy Hospital. There seems to have been a larger Catholic community here at one time.

We rolled into the Alma/Ft. Smith Arkansas campground. Its pretty deserted and has Wi-Fi and a bunch of ducks who seem used to being fed by campers. They are stalking us. The guy that checked us in is pretty entertaining. After leading us to our parking spot in his golf cart he parted with "What do you get with 12 Arkansans?... a full set o' teeth".

Arkansas reminds me of Virginia. It is lush and green here with familiar trees, flowers, and plants. There also is evidence of flooding as we pass flooded pastures and waterways that have exceeded their banks. We passed a sign "Restoring the Wetlands". I couldn't read the bottom of the sign because it was covered by water! The ground everywhere is mushy and puddled.

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