Monday, May 18, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Griffin enjoying the Petrified Forest / Painted Desert in Arizona.

We have suffered technical difficulties as the iMac crashed with a major hardware failure. This includes losing all the photos and notes up to just a few days ago. The Mac is in the Apple "hospital" in Phoenix while a 'genius' in the store investigates the damage and data retrieval.

Fortunately Dennis brought this PC laptop that I can use to continue posting.

We have traveled from Hanceville to Memphis [Graceland] to Arkansas to Oklahoma thru Texas to Santa Fe New Mexico to the Petrified Forest to Phoenix.
There's plenty to tell.

Hopefully the data can be retrieved before we leave Phoenix, otherwise, the photos from a segment of the trip will have to wait til I get home. If this data is retrievable, that is.

It is hot here in Phoenix - the people that live here year 'round are crazy.

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